1Pair Push Ups Stands Grip

Product Specifications:

  • Work your chest, abs, back, shoulders, and arms with this pair of push-up stands; the comfy, stable design brings more muscles into action while preventing wrist fatigue
  • This will no longer be an excuse as you can easily exercise at the home, office, or in travel. These push-up bars are lightweight and can easily be disassembled to fit into any suitcase or backpack
  • Nothing is worse than finding out your bars are unstable during a tough workout. Built with PP plastic, reinforced by an H-shaped, foam-layered structure, each bar provides a stable, non-skid foundation for your push-up sessions
  • The foam-padded handles are slightly angled to enable an increased range of motion while ensuring a neutral grip to reduce joint strain, so you won’t wake up in the morning with a lack of circulation to your hands
  • To burn calories, flatten your belly, or grow muscle mass and strength, this pair of push-up bars aim to deepen your push-ups for a more effective workout, whether you’re a beginner or challenging higher levels