Acne Pimple Removal Vacuum Suction

Product Specifications:

  • With intelligent constant force technology and air pump technology, the blackhead remover can deeply and effectively remove blackheads, whiteheads, dead skin, grease and makeup residues without hurting your skin.
  • There are three different levels of suction intensity, level 1 is for sensitive and dry skin, level 2 is for neutral skin, level 3 is for mixed and oily skin.AMZGIRL blackhead remover vacuum is ensured to suit all skin types.
  • Our blackhead removal tool provides 4 replaceable probes, the large hole head has strong suction, easily clean up blackheads and lift skin; And the small sucker can moderate suction, clean acne in the wing of the nose; the elliptical hole head increases the elasticity and tightness of the skin, reduce fine lines. Microdermabrasion head exfoliating keratin and dead skin desalt scar.
  • Our suctions of our blackhead remover vacuum is made from top food-grade resin. Use vacuum absorption and IPL techniques for different skin conditions. It is more effective and safer than the traditional facial cleaning method.
  • Long press for 3s to turn it on, and one-click can change the gear. Before using the blackhead removal tool, please use a hot compress for 3-5 minutes to open the pore and use a blackhead export liquid to make the blackheads emerge to the skin surface. SWEET WARM: Don’t let the face vacuum rest on one spot for too long, and once you’re finished, please soothe your skin by applying a frozen sheet mask. And it can’t be used while charging.