Fitness Booty Resistance Elastic Band

Product Specifications:

  • We designed the latest resistance bands set aftermarket research and communication with fitness experts. Upgraded resistance bands made of 100% Natural Latex and high-density nylon webbing make it more elastic and durable, safe and reliable. The optimized accessories like handles use the highest quality materials in the market, can guarantee your training goes perfectly, effectively help you to train full body muscles, building your core.
  • Resistance bands set come with 5 different resistance levels: 10lbs, 20lbs, 30lbs, 40lbs, and 50lbs in 5 different colors, both in 51". You can use the bands independently or in any combination with a maximum resistance level of 150lbs, make you can clearly feel the muscle-building up after every stretch.
  • Resistance bands set are ideal for assisting in P90x, CrossFit, Yoga, Insanity, Pilates, Hot Yoga, and Beach Body workouts. Supports you in building your core strength through a variety of exercises, the most multifunctional choice for sports and fitness.
  • Resistance bands training are extremely effective at burning fat and increase muscle strength, and also help you increase coordination, boost stamina, flexibility, range of motion, exercise different muscle groups, such as shoulder, arm, leg, butt etc. Perfect for all whether beginners or expert, boys or girls, men, women or children.

Customer Reviews

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Webster Fisher

Come quickly. Complete set. All is well.

Danika O'Keefe

Excellent goods, good quality. Thoughtful packaging. Such sellers want to buy as. how to work with the soul!!!

Corrine Zboncak

Très très bien bonne qualité livraison OK

Serena Abernathy

Thank you so much! Fast delivery, good quality. The expander is weak, if only a few to hang.

Reed Barrows

An excellent additional device for working out the whole body. We want to buy even the same set.